21 May 2011

Actress Namitha Sex Video Free Download


Here is the Hot Gir's video and fine she is look alike Tamil Actress Namitha Very  Happy

Namitha MMS Scandal:Namitha was also Caught in the MMS Scandal when a look-alike ofNamitha was seeing in a short clip making out with a guy. The voluptuous actress was livid at the fake Video and said that she would take action if needed. Seems like people down South were actually look through all the sleazy movies to find any one actress who would bear similarity to South Indian Actress and then spread it round the media channels as an MMS.

These steamy hot sexy Namitha pictures were supposedly shared over MMS - whether it is real or fake – this scandal has generated a lot of buzz and is big news at least in Southern India where there are millions of crazy fans for voluptuous Namitha. Kavya Madhavan, Trisha, Meena, Sneha, Swarnamalya, Reema sen were some other celebrities who got Tamil actress Blue movie scandals.
Namitha’s Blue Film – real or fake?
Namitha is one of the busiest actresses in South Indian film industry including Kollywood and Tollywood. Namitha may not be numero uno or number one per se, but Namitha is undoubtedly the number one dream girl for millions of fans all around the globe. Men go crazy for her shapely and curvy assets and she makes sure she keeps a great balance without being called as just a fat actress. Namitha Blue Film scandal that has some video clippings and pictures of Namitha changing her dress inside a caravan during a shooting of movie “Jaganmohini”.
In another Namitha Blue film scandal, a female look-alike of Namitha who I think had the same size proportions like Namitha is shown having sex with someone. Namitha was reportedly in Mumbai when this scandal news came out. Namitha told the press that these were all fake images that was made using computer graphics technology and she would never do something like this at this stage of her career. Namitha also said Every actress has self respect and individuality like any common family girl. Namitha will never want to appear in such an abusive and explicit scenes.
Given this Namitha blue film scandal, other actresses is now doesn’t like to stay in unknown hotels with varying degress of reputation. Instead sexy Indian actresses prefer to stay in their relatives homes or friend’s homes or even one of their hard core fan’s rooms for a night or two if it is required to avoid a shady hotel. Nevertheless this has not caused any damage to Namitha’s reputation as a most sought after glamor girl in all of India. Look at these sexy Namitha blue pictures to see why men go crazy for her. Actually Namitha is happy about such rumours and every such scandal helps her to maintain her star status by being in headlines all the time.
Namitha’s Blue film scandal video clipping which reportedly shows the bulky actress changing her clothes inside the van is even posted on the internet by some fans. Now the latest spy cam scandals are progressed in the caravan’s which are provided for the heroines for their comfort. Usually Caravan’s are given to big celebrities and to all actresses so that they can take rest, change their clothes, dine and have some comfort like at home. But these have become curses to some actresses. The clipping reportedly shows clearly a woman video taped on camera while she is changing her clothes. The close view reveals that an actress is seen without clothes baring her panty and is seen putting on her bra to support her hefty assets and then is seen in a knee length costume. The face resembles Namitha who has well shaped assets on top. The heroine is seen struggling wearing her costumes provided to her. Somehow she fit into it before coming out of the caravan.
As long as actresses are mature enough and know how to deal with these blue film and MMS scandals, it will not cause any damage for them but only help their marketing to producers of future movies and will be in a position to dictate hefty salaries in future movie projects. Namitha Blue film scandal is just yet another example of how she remains number one in millions of her fans’ hearts who are ready to do anything for their worshipped sex goddess.

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